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February 24, 2017

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

In This Timely Article You'll Discover...

  • How to tweak YOUR routine by adding a simple “metabolic stacking” sequence that you can even do in your pajamas.
  • Why even the most popular interval workouts are preventing you from losing belly fat and forcing you to possibly GAIN weight.
  • How you can take advantage of this GROUNDBREAKING research and lose fat WITHOUT any strict dieting.

Hey, I'm Mike Whitfield.mikeba

My friends call me Mikey "Pancakes" Whitfield (that's another story). I’ve contributed to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs and my articles, videos and programs have been seen by over 200,000 men and women all over the world.

I’ve also helped thousands of men and women transform their bodies including 6 Transformation Contest Winners… even with thousands of people voting.

But today, I want to share with you how a simple video game controller changed my path and life forever PLUS…

The Dirty Truth Behind Popular Interval Methods and How the “Expert” Advice is Making You Tired, Cranky and Sabotaging Your Fat Loss

You’ll also discover how to burn MORE fat with ANY routine, thanks to a NEW method you’ve probably never seen in your life.

On top of that, I'll reveal how this simple sequence can even overcome horrible genetics and ANYONE with a painfully slow metabolism like me. That way, you’ll finally see and feel the results you deserve, no matter what you’ve tried before.

If that sounds good to you, read on.

Mike_Before_SideviewNow I know you’re thinking you’ve seen it all and tried every new method out there. Believe me, I tried and failed myself…

You see, I was once OVER 300 pounds.

That’s why I’m sharing my story with you and how a simple video game controller started it all. YES... a video game controller.


I'll show you exactly why the world's most popular exercise is contributing to your lack of results and you're fighting every day to keep your clothes from clinging to your body.

Alright, here’s the legendary moment of how a playstation controller saved my life.

Now stay with me, because the controller is what led me into the fitness industry, which led me to this simple “metabolic stacking” sequence that other trainers hated me for because I would end up with their clients.

This breakthrough will help you lose belly fat, give you more energy and bust through ANY plateau, and you won't have to be on a strict diet. 

It All Started When I Dropped a Video Game Controller

On a cold December morning of 2002, I was playing football on my playstation and threw an interception.Mike Before Mad

Out of frustration, I threw the video game controller down (the face I made was similar to the photo on the right before my DRASTIC weight loss).

When I bent over to pick it up, I was SHOCKED.

I realized I was not the same person that enjoyed life like I did in high school or even in my 20’s.

Tears weld up in my eyes.

I struggled to reach down and pick up the controller, huffing and puffing… and without even being able to see my feet.

I was only 28, yet I had the body of an out-of-shape, tired and frail 70-year old.

pancakes-300x202I usually don’t share these details about my story because quite frankly, it reminds me of the person I used to be, which was unhappy, tired and overworked. To be blunt, I was also embarrassed.

On average, I would consume around 5,000 calories daily and on the weekends, it would be around 10,000.

Now stay with me, because this embarrassing story will impact your approach to your health forever… and in a good way.

That controller being thrown led me to a life-changing decision…

I Was About to Lose My Weight Once and For All!... Or So I Thought...

I made my first trip to my old high school track. I got some new running shoes and even created a killer workout playlist.

As I pulled into my parking spot, the adrenaline kicked in.

I walked over to the track with excitement.

Then I walked and in less than a half lap, I found myself exhausted. By the time I got to the end of just one single lap, I had tears in my eyes.

I was drained and I felt defeated. Here I was, trying to make myself better, but ended up feeling worse.

workout-routine-frustrationIsn’t exercise supposed to make you feel better?

Then doubt started to creep in. Was I too late to get started? Was I doomed to be overweight the rest of my life because of my past decisions?

My genes wouldn’t allow me to lose any weight… or so I thought.

I kept going, inch by inch. Then I would add in resistance training, one brutal rep after another.

I still remember my friend Tom encouraging me every step of the way. In the locker room, he once said, “Mikey, there’s fat on the streets you’re losing it so fast!”. Ha!

However, I remember getting looks in the gym of “he doesn’t know what he’s doing” and “wow, he’s got a long ways to go”.

Exercise Became an Actual Chore Until Something "Clicked"...

And that "click" is what I'll share with you today.

But let tell you about the biggest shock of my life...

7 months after I started my journey, I had lost 75 pounds… all thanks to a video game controller.

I was on the road to a much healthier life… but it vanished in less than 2 seconds when I was given a life bomb…

 “I want a divorce”, said my wife.

My world was crumbled. I sat on the stairs at my home in disbelief. I found myself wondering why this was happening.

The Truth is This Darkest Moment in My Life Led Me to Writing This Important Message

In just a minute, I’ll share with you how the darkest moment of my life actually happened for a good reason… butMikey family first, let’s go to the happy ending because there is good news…

Months later, I met my current wife, who I’ve been happily married to now for 9 years and with 2 amazing little kids.

And since then that dreadful day, I’ve lost another 40 pounds and at age 40, I’m in the best shape of my life (even in better shape than I was in high school!)… thanks to this simple trick you can use with ANY workout.

That story was tough for me to tell you, but it led to me having the most abundant life I’ve ever imagined.

Now, you might be thinking, “Well, good for you. But what does this have to do with me losing belly fat and how can I experience this ‘whoosh’ effect, too?... right?

This Horrible Experience Led Me to “Metabolic Stacking”

You see, my wife encouraged me to become a fitness trainer and I ended up training hundreds of men and women at a small gym in Dallas, GA.

All of them were extremely busy (stay-at-home Moms, busy executives, etc., etc.) and many of them had horrible genes. In fact, many of them were working out extremely hard, but couldn’t seem to lose their stubborn fat when they first met me.

For men, it was always the “beer gut” or “happy gut” as some called it.

For women, it was usually the “pooch” or their thighs, glutes and for some reason, the back of their arms. One woman called it “saggy arm” fat.

woman pinching belly fat

Man beer gut

People would travel over an hour just to train with me because I’ve been in their shoes and they would invest over $300 a week to use my approach.

For the most part, others respected my time with my clients so if we needed certain equipment, they would step out of the way and let us sneak in a set or 2.

However, I would “assign” my clients homework to do either immediately after their workout or for their off day WITHOUT me. It was normally a specific interval routine using cardio equipment.treadmill-bored

Suddenly, the gym was getting busier and my clients couldn’t get to the cardio equipment and WORSE…

… They said they were bored. This crushed me.

At this point, I knew I had to do something outside the box to help overcome their bad genetics, but without having them use ANY equipment since I wasn’t there with them.

I had been using finishers, a short “burst” of very intense exercise that lasts as little as 3 minutes at the end of my workout. I had amazing results…

… as in helping me lose the last 40 pounds without dieting.

But would it work for my clients? I’ve never tried it with them.

This Finisher Concept Was Fairly New and I Was Skeptical It Would Work

But the research was there, in black and white. But I still had a hard time believing it would work.

However, some amazing things started happening.

What shocked me was what some of my clients admitted to me. They weren’t just losing fat and their clothes were getting looser. It was MORE than that...

Here are some of the things my clients were saying (and this is nothing - you'll soon see amazing and REAL photos)...

“Mikey, I don’t know what it is. I’m getting up earlier without an alarm and I find myself with so much energy. Is this normal?”


“I ran my first Spartan Race and I didn’t even train for it. I destroyed it, too! This is awesome.”


“I guess since I haven’t done these new exercises before, my posture is even improving? That’s been a pleasant surprise Mike”.


“My cravings are gone! I used to want a dessert every night, but since doing your finishers, my cravings have disappeared.”


“I thought your finishers were crazy, but what’s more crazy is that my workouts are even becoming easier. My endurance is through the roof!”. 


“I don’t have to go to the gym anymore. Ha-ha, I just did one of your finishers in my pajamas when I got home after work.”


“I used to skip my workouts when I was tired. But now I can at least get in a finisher in 3 minutes, and I’m still losing weight.”

puzzled face

The surprising part?.... Rapid fat loss then became an ADDED benefit of using these finishers...

The Shocking Truth Was That My Clients Were Getting Better and FASTER Results At Home in Their Pajamas Then in the Gym Training with Me

At first, I was just surprised. Then I did some research and discovered why my finishers were so much more effective than traditional interval training or cardio that most people use with their routine.

One study in particular, from Canadian Researchers, caught my eye.

I’m about to share with you exactly what I discovered…

Canadian researchers at Queen’s University tested a workout using this finishers approach with ZERO equipment compared to regular cardio…

22 women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks in one of three groups.

Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate

Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single bodyweight exercise with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group)

Results: Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%).

That’s right, the short bodyweight finishers (of ONLY 4 minutes) worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio!

Pretty cool, right?

But get this…

Only Group B, the bodyweight finishers style of training, also INCREASED MUSCULAR ENDURANCE in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups and pushups.

And finally, this intense, but brief training used by Group B also resulted in great overall enjoyment.

Reference: Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Sep 20)

And the BEST part? These short-burst finishers burn fat for up to 72 hours!

Now you might be thinking why finishers get you faster results than interval training or even cardio and in just a fraction of the time...

... as little as 3 minutes.

But why?

Problem # 1 - You're Not Burning As Many Calories As You Think You Are

A study conducted at the University of California calculated calories burned during exercise using popular methods like 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds easy.

They used a combination of data from the user’s height, weight and body fat, and then measured the EXACT calories being burned with the latest technology.


Ellipticals overestimated calories burned by 28%


Bikes overestimated calories burned by 7%


Treadmills overestimated calories burned by 13%


Stairclimbers overestimated calories burned by 12%

The good news is… studies show that using short burst finishers using a new “metabolic stacking” approach not only burns more calories than interval training…

… but these finishers also release fat-burning hormones, resulting in burning fat even while you sleep.

This means faster results in less time, which is great. However, the BETTER news is that you won’t have to destroy your joints like traditional interval training or cardio does.

Now the ONLY way to take full advantage of this finishers approach is your diet, which I’m sure you’ll agree right? 80-90% of your success depends on what you eat. But that’s easier said than done…

Problem # 2 - You're Always Hungry... But Why?

Intervals and cardio spike your hunger.

In a study from the International Journal of Obesity, 35 overweight men and women exercised 5 times a week for 12 weeks.

Now you would agree that’s a lot of exercise, even if you’re not busy!

The results varied, but the worst subject GAINED 4 pounds!

The scientists revealed that traditional cardio and interval training makes you hungry due to the signals your brain sends to your body.

In fact, the men and women both consumed, on average, an additional 1,876 calories per week… Screenshot 2014-07-10 14.50.09

… that’s the equivalent of TEN donuts! 

This is due to INCREASED exercise.

Now if you cut back on your intervals or cardio, you’ll decrease your cravings. Easy enough, right?

However, you might be at a place where you’re not getting results from your workout program. You enjoy it, but you’re not losing weight.

I would be frustrated to be on a workout program to lose fat and all you're doing is maintaining. That defeats the purpose of you exercising.

So what can you do?

The good news is that finishers that use “Metabolic Stacking” have been PROVEN to decrease your hunger and cravings.  Plus, they don’t require ANY equipment and you’ll hit hundreds of muscles, burning hundreds of calories. That means you won’t need a treadmill, bike or elliptical.

That brings me to a very important question…

Problem # 3 - You're Not Even Working Your Abs

Whether you’re running, biking, walking or even using ANY kind of cardio, what muscles are you working?

Your legs, right? Well, that’s IT. 

So now, you’re pounding and pounding for 15, 25 or even 40 minutes or longer destroying your joints like your knees and pounding your hips.

If you’re experiencing any fatigue with your legs or you find yourself getting tired from just standing, that’s a sign of an overuse injury.

And overuse injuries lead to surgery or multiple surgeries.

Now get this…

… You’re not even working your abs… one of the trouble spots you’re trying to fix!

The good news is that finishers hit all of your “hot zone” muscles, which are your pulling muscles, pushing muscles, lower body and especially your core.

By using a specific metabolic stacking sequence, you’ll “spread” your effort through these muscle groups and you’ll avoid overuse injuries now and in the future.

This reduces the stress on your joints. And speaking of stress…

Problem # 4 - Are You Stressed?

Traditional intervals and cardio release a hormone in your body called “Cortisol”. Now cortisol is a hormone that ENCOURAGES your body to store pockets of fat.

Cortisol is also released when you’re stressed.

A study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology revealed that men and women who performed cardio suffered from INCREASED cortisol, the fat-STORING hormone that has been linked to cancer and visceral belly fat…knee

… the most DANGEROUS fat that can smother your vital organs.

But why?...

It’s due to:

- Jolting on your joints

- Scarring of heart tissue, which leads to a heart attack and even deathheart

It’s no wonder that these machines have caused all of this madness.

You see, your own body was designed to move. It wasn’t designed to sit behind a desk all day or use the same muscles over and over.

So your body rebels by releasing fat-STORING hormones due to the stress that it’s not meant to go through.

If you literally “let your body go out and play” with short bursts like finishers, it responds by releasing fat-BURNING hormones and becoming more resilient.

You’ll even start to look younger as your skin tightens.

You’ll see a better performance in and out of the gym because you NATURALLY increase your muscular endurance.

The weight loss is actually a SIDE EFFECT of using finishers.

Should I Use Finishers with My Routine?

Now look, finishers are NOT for everyone and not everyone needs to be using them, no matter how fun they are.

But since you’ve read this far, you probably want to know if finishers are right for you and if they can make a difference in your appearance.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

If you answer “YES” to just ONE of them, then you would benefit from using finishers with your routine:

  • Do you have 10 or more pounds to lose?
  • Do you have any issues to sticking to any kind of diet?
  • Have you ever been or are currently in a weight loss plateau?
  • Have you tried interval or cardio training in the past?
  • Do sit more than 90 minutes a day?
  • Have you struggled with losing fat and/or keeping it off?
  • Have you ever experienced aches or pains in your hips or knees?
  • Do you have bad genetics or a slow metabolism?

If You Answered “YES” To Just ONE of These Questions, Then Keep Reading Because I’ll Share With You a Simple Technique That You Can Apply TODAY to Overcome a Fat Loss Plateau and Finally Get the NOTICABLE Results You Want WITHOUT Any Crazy Dieting

After seeing how my finishers have worked with busy people with even bad genetics, I wanted to share it with the world.

In fact, I was asked to contribute to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs on why these finishers work.

But honestly, that doesn’t even scrap the surface.

You see, anyone can go sprinting or do a bunch of Jumping Jacks and call that a finisher. And honestly, I think that’s great… it’s exercise!

However, when it comes to finishers, there is no substitution for the ultimate formula. What is the ultimate formula for the perfect finisher?...

Well, it’s the minimum dosage for the maximum results. Every finisher must use:

  • Density

    You’ll activate as much muscle as possible in the shortest amount of time. Certain exercises require as little as 1 rep when done in a certain sequence with other exercises.

  • Active Recovery

    This is when you’ll use easier exercises to keep your heart rate up to burn fat, but giving your body a chance to recover between the more calorie-burning exercises.

  • Strategic Rest Periods

    Rest is crucial for recovery, but ONLY at certain points. Too much or too little rest will minimize your results.

  • High Volume

    Doing this with unusual set and rep schemes is what brings the fastest results based on my clients’ progress over the years… and honestly, the more unusual, the BETTER.

This is What's Called "Metabolic Stacking" 

This burns the most fat  possible in the shortest amount of time. And it's a lot better for feeling and looking better compared to boring cardio or intervals...

Screenshot 2014-07-11 11.06.30

Not to mention that using these ZERO-EQUIPMENT finishers will burn calories for up to 70 hours after you're done. You won't get this from cardio or any other program.

I took this formula and designed over 50 finishers for busy people who are fed up from working so hard and not getting the results they deserve.

PLUS… I wanted to make sure that even people like you and I, with “not-so-great” genetics can use this simple system to not only lose belly fat and yes… even tighten loose skin. 

… but also help you get more out of your own routine, improve your posture and have fun at the same time.

It’s the most comprehensive ZERO equipment program ever developed with over 75 exercises and metabolic stacking sequences that are only 3-9 minutes.


This is the Easiest Bodyweight Program You’ll Ever Use, Too

Look, the last thing you need is more confusion or some system that would fit your life perfectly, but was way too hard to use.

That’s why I consulted with past and current clients as well as thousands of readers from all over the world to make this as easy as possible for you to use.

I left NO STONE unturned, making sure you can get started in less than 2 minutes.

In just a few minutes, you could be hitting play to see the exercises laid out for you, rep-by-rep, along with easier substitutions for ANY of the 51 finishers. You'll experience the same success as these everyday people...

John won the Transformation Contest and found his abs...


Lori Whitfield (my Mom!) discovered the finishers method helped her look younger


Beau Morgan, a busy radio executive, got ripped on a busy schedule


Robin Finkel lost 50 pounds and 15% body fat


Bob Whitfield, in his 60's, lost 65 pounds


Lorrie Berardi went from a size 22 to a size 14


Nancy Langston tried everything, but with finishers, she lost 32 pounds and had to buy a new wardrobe


Bobby found new energy with finishers and said his life changed.


Irene dropped 2 pounds in one week by adding in 3 minute finishers


And we get these comments on our Facebook Page every day...

Screenshot 2014-07-02 09.57.16



Lost 3 inches in her waist and 2.5 inches off her thighs WITHOUT ANY dietary changes


Replace cardio in 10 minutes or less...


Mandy Gable found a fast solution to look and feel better as a busy mom


Greg Radcliff ran a 10K with ease and dropped 10% body fat


And see what the PFP Trainer of the Year Says...


Everything You Need to Melt the Most Fat in the Absolute LEAST Amount of Time is in This Bodyweight Finishers System

Here's what you get...

BW-Finishers-2.041 Bodyweight Finishers Manual    ($67 Value)

This easy-to-follow manual has 41 PROVEN and TESTED finishers used with my private online and offline clients, campers and transformation contest winners.

You can use ANY of them with your routine to speed up fat loss, no matter what that is. You can also use any of them as a stand-alone workout if you’re busy… and the best part? You can do them in your pajamas because they don’t require ANY equipment


BW-Tabata-Finishers10 Bodyweight Tabata Finishers Manual    ($27 Value)

To help you burn fat even faster, you can use these advanced finishers that help you burn up to 360 calories in just 4 minutes.

These were my “go-to” finishers for those times when you over-indulge on the weekends. So if even if you slip up with your diet, you can still burn fat week after week.

BW-Dirty-30-2.0Bodyweight Dirty 30 4-Week Program     ($37 Value)

If you need to burn fat fast, then this 4-week system is the perfect manual to use in conjunction with the finishers. It’s packed with 4 weeks of 30-minute workouts using ZERO equipment.

BW-Adrenaline-2.0Bodyweight Adrenaline 4-Week Program     ($37 Value)

This system uses the power of adrenaline, a hormone that boosts fat-burning even while you sleep. Advanced techniques and new exercises will help you get a leaner, flatter stomach in just 28 days.

Group-BW-Fin2.0High Quality Coaching Videos     ($197 Value)

Screenshot 2014-05-22 13.57.37Photos and detailed descriptions are in the manual, but we wanted to take it a BIG step further.

I demonstrate every single exercise along with easier substitutions for every workout and finisher. You’ll know exactly how to perform every fat-burning rep with these videos.

You can even download them to your device and take them with you.

Now with everything you get, this has a TRUE value of $365, but you’re not going to invest anything CLOSE to that…

Keep Reading and I’ll Show You How to Get the Benefits of Rapid Fat Loss and a Slimmer Waist Line using These Specialized Finishers PLUS a DRASTIC Discount Today…

Before you discover how to activate your DEEP discount, let’s make sure you understand everything you learned today…

  • Most people don’t understand the role of your hormones and how much of an impact they play on whether you lose fat. Since you’ve read this far, it’s more than likely your hormones aren’t functioning at their best and you’re not getting the best results from your program.
  • The worst thing you can do to rapidly lose fat is to do MORE cardio or intervals. In fact, doing more of this can lead to weight GAIN and increase your chances of getting injured… especially if you’re 30 or older.
  • The solution is to use short metabolic burst finishers, but with enough active recovery and volume so that you don’t overtrain. This not only helps you melt fat at a rapid pace, but it’s a long term solution to keep it off while making you feel and look younger.
  • Your own body is the best fat loss equipment and it’s how we were designed to move… not machines or expensive supplements. I’ve used these finishers with hundreds of private clients and they are now available to the public.

In fact, I know it will work so well, that I PLANNED on your success.

When you order today, you’re going to get access to our private 24/7 forum and DAILY access to me as my 100% FREE gift to you (a $120 Value)!

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You’ll get diet tips, recipes, exercise substitution ideas and more.

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6 Weeks of Done-for-You Meal Plans for Men and Women ($147 Value)

Let’s face it. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is great, but losing 3-5 is even better. When you see fast results, studies have shown that you’ll stick with a program in the long term.

That’s why this 6-week meal plan is designed to give you the fastest results but WITHOUT the rebound weight gain.

You’ll know exactly what to eat, bite-by-bite, to melt fat every week without expensive supplements. There are detailed plans for both men and women.

The BEST Part…The Bodyweight Finishers System Can Be Used with ANY Other Routine

When you use the Bodyweight Finishers system as stand-alone workouts, you’ll get results… sure. But when you use them with your favorite routine (as they were designed), you’ll easily double, if not TRIPLE your results.

Simply plug in your finisher at the end of your workout or use one on your off day to see SHOCKING results you can see in the mirror. Remember – they only take 9 minutes or less.

It’s the PERFECT add-on system to YOUR favorite routine to melt fat and finally get the definition you’ve been looking for.

Now with that being said, let me be clear… 

This Bodyweight Finishers System Was NOT Designed For Everyone

If you think you’ll simply “go through the motions” and get leaner without any hard work… NO way.

I detailed every single rep for you, step-by-step, that will take you from frustration to fast, PERMANENT results you’re looking for. However, it does require work on your part.

I’ve done everything but sweat for you in this system.

You’ll need to follow it 3 days a week in order to see visible results in the mirror… and even faster results by plugging them in with your favorite routine.

Remember… these finishers take only 9 minutes or less. In fact some of them are only 3 minutes!

So yes.. you’ll need to do the work, but that doesn’t mean it will drain you of your time. However, if you can’t find as little as 3 minutes to spend on your health, well … this program is NOT for you.

And you’ve seen the evidence…

To get rid of your beer gut, stubborn love handles and even your “jiggy” fat, you now know…

You’ll NEVER Get NEW Results by Doing the Same OLDER and Outdated Training

You’ve seen the studies and I’m being transparent with you… take it from someone who has lost 115 pounds.


Many of the popular fitness magazines are using outdated intervals or weak bodyweight circuits that you can get anywhere, but do nothing for losing fat (not just weight)… especially if you’re no longer in your 20’s.

Instead, train shorter and smarter using the short-burst finishers using just your own body… which is the opposite of what the experts want you to do. They want you to invest in their “gadgets”.

Your body was meant to move in different ways to become more flexible, more mobile and getting leaner in the process.

Longer interval and cardio methods can make you GAIN weight.

The only way to get back in shape without equipment and long, boring cardio workouts is using these metabolic finishers that I have laid out for you that you can use with ANY of your favorite programs.

And if you’re STILL skeptical of it working….

You might be thinking this is too good to be true. Well honestly, I was skeptical as well. I thought this finisher concept was working just for me because my own body was just receptive to it.

But just after 7 days with DOZENS of clients, I soon learned that these finishers WILL work for you, no matter your age or genetics.


You might be thinking you’re not able to experience similar shocking results like the REAL men and women you’ve seen today.

Well, how about I GUARANTEE your results?

So to remove ALL risks, just TRY the Bodyweight Finishers System for a full 60 days to see if it’s right for you. This way, you can focus on your transformation with NO pressure at all. Does that sound good?

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Guarantee #1 – Guaranteed and VISIBLE Results in As Little as 7 Days

You’ve seen this work. I’ve tested these finishers over and over. Just follow the system as I’ve outlined for you and watch the fat melt off.

red guaranteeGuarantee #2 – The Best LIFETIME Customer Support

Our friendly customer support team are always ready to give you answers to your questions  including myself! I have personally answered questions in the forum and through email to ensure your success.

Guarantee #3 – High Quality Assurance

I put every detail into this system, including how to choose a finisher, what to do on what days and more. If you’re not BLOWN AWAY at the quality of the program, I simply don’t want your investment.

If this simple program doesn’t deliver what you’re looking for, all you have to do is shoot an email and you’ll get a FULL refund with no hassles or questions asked.

By now, I’ve proved to you how you can finally get in shape and SEE a difference in BOTH your physique and your energy by NOT having to switch to yet another program, but simply making a tweak to YOUR routine with this Bodyweight Finishers System.

And I’m sure you see amazing value in having the accountability and support you need inside our BONUS private Facebook forum as well as the BONUS done-for-you meal plans that will speed up your results.

But I know you have to be wondering… “OK, how much is this?”.

Well, to work with me, you would invest in flying out to Georgia, plus traveling expenses, as well as $120 per 30-minute session.

And it took about 8 hours to film all the demonstration videos of the finishers. So if you combine the traveling expenses plus the 8 hours of working with me, you could expect to invest at least $2,600.

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  • To feel your clothes getting looser
  • To lose fat week after week WITHOUT diet fads or frustrating plateaus
  • To feel your abs being worked instead of ignored
  • An improvement in every day functions like carrying groceries, playing with your kids, etc., etc.
  • Improvement in your posture and mobility
  • To NEVER have to do cardio or ANY interval training EVER again, and instead get AMAZING results in as little as 3 minutes
  • 24/7 accountability and support

Please note – we are close to maximum capacity in our forum. Once we do reach our maximum, we will no longer be offering forum access and we will be DOUBLING the price to ensure the industry’s best customer support.

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Now if You’re Still Not Sure That This System Can Change Your Life in BOTH How You Feel and Look…

I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of people privately and I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people all over the world finally get in shape without any crazy diets and using THEIR routine.

But one thing I’ve learned over the years was that there are some that simply do not want to make the necessary changes in order to make progress.

Look, everything you’ve done up until now hasn’t worked and it now makes sense to you why.

It’s so simple – just use these PROVEN finishers as they are outlined. Then in 3 days, you’ll feel a difference in your energy. Then in 7 days, you’ll SEE a difference in the mirror. It's NORMAL to see a loss of 3 pounds in just a week.

Studies have shown us that fast results are what motivate you to stick with a program. This allows you to go to the next level… both mentally and physically… something you didn’t even dream of before.

But the bad news is that I’ve also seen hundreds of people at my gym doing the same thing every day and not making ANY progress. They ignore this NEW approach, stay stubborn for weeks, months and even years (even though they are not getting ANY results)

So, it comes down to 2 choices:

Choice #1

Take advantage of this scientifically proven Bodyweight Finishers System. You use one of the finishers TODAY (tomorrow at the latest).

After 7 days, you notice you look different. You step on the scale and realize there is something to using finishers after losing 2.4 pounds. You are excited and continue for another month. You’re down a pant size and couldn’t be happier.

Choice #2

You ignore this rare opportunity and new science and continue to do what you’re doing. A month from now, you look the exact same as you do now and you’re frustrated. You wonder what it would have been like if you took advantage of this Bodyweight Finishers System after all. You continue with the excuses of bad genetics and “older” age instead of doing something about it.

Remember how I said that the darkest moment of my life happened for a good reason? I mean after all... losing 75 pounds and then I get a divorce? Why?

... because it led me to this...

...having a vibrant life and being the leanest AND HAPPIEST at the age of 40. In fact, I'm leaner now than I was in high school... and you can do this, too!

Plus, I'm able to enjoy my favorite foods so I can enjoy my friends and family without the guilt.

Had I not gone through that terrible divorce, I wouldn't have stumbled on this research that has lead to me losing another 40 pounds and being in the best shape of my life!

You might be where I was... at the darkest moment of your life. You're frustrated, tired and burned out. Sure, you may not need to lose 115 pounds, but maybe you have a dream size to be in so you're not embarrassed to take photos. Look, I've been there. I know how this feels. This is your opportunity...

You CAN feel and look better without a strict diet or living in the gym.

Now let me paint you a picture... I chose #1 (on the right). Had I went with choice #2, I would still be the same person as you see on the left.

mike before dressed up

Mike Whitfield After 1

So, you can continue down the path that has led you to this point and turn around or you can try something completely different and see VISIBLE results and harness an abundance of new energy…

To literally finishing what you started,

Mike Whitfield
Creator of the Bodyweight Finishers System

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PPS – There is no risk on your part. You’ll get a full 60 days to take advantage of this system and bonuses and if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason, simply shoot an email to our support team and we will gladly refund ALL of your money back with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose… except stubborn fat.

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